The X WordPress theme is a completely multipurpose theme the best free wordpress themes

The X WordPress theme is a completely multipurpose theme, so it may seem a bit intimidating for some folks, but for those who are willing to take advantage of one of the most powerful themes on the market will be pleasantly surprised. The theme delivers a beautiful responsive interface, and one of the many demos is built just for weddings. You’ll be able to present RSVP information, a functional reply options and some beautiful typography for making your website look as wonderful as the new couple. The theme is packed with several premium plugins like Essential Grid and Layer Slider. You’ll get dozens of other premium plugins that you would generally have to pay for. The great thing about this is that you don’t really have to think about going out and finding third party plugins to make your site completely functional. Therefore, many people argue that a beginner would have a much easier time with a multipurpose theme like this. For example, if you wanted to implement a beautiful image slider, it only takes a click of the button.

In addition, something like Essential Grid is wonderful for developing a stunning gallery where you can share images from your wedding, reception and the honeymoon. You also gain access to multiple commenting systems, which are fun for chatting with your guests and getting suggestions or feedback about your wedding. Not to mention, the Visual composer plugin comes along with the theme, meaning you get a drag and drop page editor. This keeps your hands out of the source code, and it allows for you to build a stunning website with simple page elements. Plenty of more advanced developers use this plugin, but it’s also great for beginners. Give the X Theme a try and you won’t be disappointed.the best free wordpress themes

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