WpCasa built to power real estate theme premium themes wordpress

wpCasa has been built to power real estate websites that have been created using WordPress. While wpCasa was originally available as a theme, it’s now been relaunched as a plugin.

This move means that after a major redesign, overhaul, and update, the core code and functionality of wpCasa is now available as a free plugin that you can install on your WordPress website. This free real estate plugin can then be coupled with a theme of your choice to help you build the right website for your business.

This new wpCasa plugin framework can also be upgraded by installing one or more of the available add-ons, as well as any future extensions that are currently under development. This model of offering a core plugin and optional add-ons has many benefits for website owners. The main one being that you only need to install the features and functionality you plan to use rather than weighing down your site with unnecessary code. Being able to pick and choose which features you enable, via the add-ons model, can help you to save time, effort, and money when setting up your site.

Despite the move to a base plugin that can be upgraded by installing optional add-ons, the free wpCasa framework plugin isn’t lacking features of its own. After activating this real estate plugin on your site, you’ll get access to the property custom post type and its taxonomies. This gives you an easy way to add, manage, and display the property listings on your website. You can then organize that content better, by using the property-specific categories and tags. As this custom post type is delivered via the plugin, you have the ability to move to a new theme at any time, without having to worry about losing access to your property listings.premium themes wordpress

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