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WP Coach has been designed with business and performance coaches in mind, although it’s flexible nature and corporate focus makes it a good choice for consultants too.

If you want to put your personality front and center on your consulting website, then WP Coach certainly aligns with that objective. Out of the three website demos, the business coach option would probably be the best choice for consultants who want to promote themselves online.

The WP Coach Business demo has a full-screen slideshow that does a good job of introducing your visitors to your personal brand.  Then, as they scroll down the page, they can view your core services or the main reasons why they should work with you. As this is more of a personal theme, rather than one for an agency or corporation, the homepage has a large section for displaying your photo and profile. However, as well as this section, all the other features you’d expect to find on a business theme are available.

Some of the features of this theme that you might find useful when promoting your consulting services online include an events management and appointment scheduling tool for sharing your availability, a custom form designer for collecting specific information from your visitors and prospective new clients, and a large selection of templates for all the common pages your site will need.

WP Coach can be easily customized in a number of different ways to ensure your consulting website has the right design for your business needs.best simple wordpress themes

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