Travel Advisor is WordPress theme unique wp themes

Travel Advisor does not really offer much. It offers the same standard things that many WordPress themes for travel, if not all, offer. It also welcomes guests with a full-width slider, but Travel Advisor went a bit further by putting animations to it instead of standard images. Scrolling down, you will see the usual sections of a WordPress travel theme such as the search bar, sections to promote other destinations, tours, and activities, and further information about the travel agency.

Travel Advisor tries to make subtle changes in its design, though, to make it look unique. Aside from the animation at the slider, there is a section that helps you promote destinations, or whatever you wish to put there. It has an unconventional layout, which could boost the user experience of the customer visiting your site. All in all, however, Travel Advisor is just your highly functional and practical WordPress theme for travel.unique wp themes

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