Tour Operator most creative WordPress theme manually install wordpress theme

Another contender for most creative WordPress theme for travel is Tour Operator. You might think it’s just your regular modern WordPress theme, but it has far more good qualities than a regular paid theme. First off, the layout, although it follows a standard layout, was amazingly taken advantage of. The starts with your full-width slider, and you have to scroll down to navigate the website. Using parallax effects, Tour Operator makes it feel like the entire site is alive when you navigate.

Aside from that bit of technology magic, Tour Operator has good typography and color scheme. It uses big bold letters, but the font face is far different from those common modern themes. All spaces in this theme are measured well, showing proportion in the design. Everything else is standard, though, like the sections of the website. Overall, though, Tour Operator is pleasantly appealing to visitors in terms of visual experience.manually install wordpress theme

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