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Superba is a WordPress theme whose focus is media and photography. Projects, albums, andmedia tagging are all features that can be yours. This theme is made with the artist’s needs in mind. The best way to improve a product is to consider customer feedback, and every step of Superba’s design process was a collaborative effort.From the ground up, this theme functions as a framework for your art. Superba never shifts focus from the photos, while complementing and presenting them in an enticing way. Its albums are versatile in their function, as they can feature their own unique sets of pictures, or include slides from other projects and albums. Every individual item that is included in a project has its own taxonomy so it can be filtered and tagged in album pages.

Everyone knows that a first impression is important and Superba assures that your site will make a positive one. Using the Splash template you will gain the ability to establish an awesome intro page, featuring social links, full screen images, and slogans. This will make for a great intro to your website. The task of starting a website is not a walk in the park. However, using the impressive Page Builder, it becomes something that even a child can easily accomplish. There are also over 18 blocks available for use. A modal skin for albums is incorporated, available in a classy black and white color. The theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, allowing the user to commercialize products by using a safe and reliable system. There are multiple template variations for albums, including: grid masonry, mosaic, slideshow, full-screen carousel, and free wordpress themes

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