Snowbird is interesting & sharing stories theme new wordpress themes

The Snowbird theme provides a simple, yet powerful, design for those interested in sharing stories and images from their travels. The responsive template is completely free, and it has a large header area for an image that represents the type of traveling you do. Social media buttons are included with the theme, but the majority of the focus is placed on the storytelling. This is done with beautiful typography and impressive featured images. As you can see from the demo, the author of the post is shown, along with a mention on the number of comments for the article. The custom header and menu are essential for branding and navigation.

You also gain access to a nice set of custom colors, so finding the right look for your site shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll notice that you receive a slide-in mobile menu to provide more room for your content. The sidebars are great for inserting widgets, and the threaded comments generate more conversation after your publish an article. Finally, the Snowbird WordPress theme comes with translation files, so if you’d like to get your articles read by people from all over the world, this is a feature you need. Overall, Snowbird has easy tools and a simple elegance to it that is sure to impress your wordpress themes

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