SanFrancisco Choosing a suitable magazine theme free premium wordpress blog themes.

Choosing a suitable magazine theme is definitely subjective, but regardless of your specific requirements, there are some vital features you’ll need. The developers of SanFrancisco recognize this, and have created a feature-packed theme that’s worthy of your attention.wp template

Let’s start with the subjective elements. SanFrancisco offers ten demo templates (with additional demos on the way) covering all manner of niches and industries. If your particular niche isn’t catered to – or you have your own layout requirements – a custom drag-and-drop page builder is accessible from the WordPress dashboard.

SanFrancisco also comes bundled with a number of plugins to help enhance your site – including everything you need to get cracking. For instance, the FlexAds plugin enables you to create and display ads in several areas on your site, and the SmartGIF plugin lets you showcase GIFs in your post’s teaser images. The theme is also compatible with Google AdSense, and even includes a social sharing module for that essential social proof element.

It’s a well-worn phrase, but SanFrancisco really does include virtually everything you need to create a high-quality magazine site. It looks the business, and the plugin bundle has been well thought out. Feel free to test drive the theme, but be warned – your search may end here!free premium wordpress blog themes

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