Polaris is graceful and minimalist WordPress responsive theme wordpress best sites

Polaris is a visually stunning, aesthetically sophisticated, elegant, graceful and minimalist WordPress responsive commerce and webstore theme, well prepared for handling a multitude of corporate, commercial or freelance website needs, but peculiarly well-suited for the task of designing and building a fashion related website, a fashion distribution website, a high fashion online boutique or any other sort of business that sells elegance through the Internet. Polaris combines a unique mixture of incredible technical proficiency and compatibility with all relevant and major sales and payment platforms in the market, ensuring your website goes from blog to mega-mart overnight, with no hassle, plentiful shortcodes to keep you from actually having to code anything yourself, and enough customization to differentiate your store from every other commercial fashion outlet out there in the web—with nothing more than a few clicks, drags and drops, and endless custom, advanced theme options to really make it your own.

Polaris combines powerful HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, providing beauties like the Parallax background feature that is sure to amaze your customers and keep them engaged and interested as they peruse your special catalogue pages or try out the live product search feature. Don’t miss a windfall, make your move, with Polaris!wordpress best sites

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