PinsPro powerful PageLines theme autofocus wordpress theme

This theme is built upon the powerful PageLines theme, which means that even if you’re entirely new to WordPress, you’ll find customizing this to your needs a cinch.

But that’s only where the great features of PinsPro begin. PageLines describe it as “tidy” and they’re absolutely right – if you want your website to be neat and orderly, this may well be the theme for you. Even better, design is responsive and features auto stacking, which basically means that the ‘pins’ will adjust to suit just about any display.

There’s also a scrollable slider that you can use to showcase your best content, lazy loading for the page speed conscious (that should be all of us!), and a ‘PinBlog’ view that provides the kind of view you would expect from such a name. PinPros is definitely one to consider.autofocus wordpress theme

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