PhotoNote 2.0 is an advanced modern powerful and beautiful WordPress responsive theme best wordpress theme for seo

PhotoNote 2.0 is an advanced, modern, powerful and beautiful WordPress responsive theme, constructed with the needs of photographers and photojournalists, both professional and amateur. With PhotoNote 2.0, your images are all that matters. Whether you’re a small time photographer advertising your services, a photography studio exhibit your previous work and luring in new business, or simply a traveling amateur documenting your trips, PhotoNote 2.0 ensures your photography outshines everything else online.

PhotoNote 2.0 is built upon the notoriously powerful ZOOM Framework, meaning its light and dark skins are far from all there is to this theme’s customization capabilities. Customizing your fonts, backgrounds and color schemes is simple and requires no coding, while a built-in logo editor lets you create your own logos to use. Your website will be unique and unrepeatable, and your imagination is the only limit. Touch enabled homepage slider galleries feature your content in interactive, engaging style. Category and Post template pages offer simplified sorting of your content vía customized category systems, while your single Post pages can be customized to your heart’s content. Whether you’re a newbie webmaster or a vetted professional, PhotoNote has the stuff needed to make your website stand out. Try it now, and you’ll never look back!best wordpress theme for seo

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