Nemo is a unique design wordpress theme what wp theme is that

Nemo’s unique design is minimal, dark, and clearly inspired by Metro.

The unusualness of the design can be attributed to its use of a left sidebar (instead of the customary right sidebar) as well as its heavy reliance on Ajax effects throughout the theme. If you ask me, this is the perfect theme for a web designer to showcase his or her work with real flair.

Nemo’s design is pure eye candy — there’s just no other way to put it. I’m finding it hard to tear my eyes off the demo; this portfolio theme is one that will make your website stand out. When you buy the theme you get 5 page templates, 8 shortcodes (which really is much too few when you’re talking a $40 theme), 3 custom post types, support for Facebook comments, and a built in contact form.

However, there is one problem in its lack of versatility. Nemo doesn’t play very well with other plugins and the like, as it clearly isn’t stylized for them. What’s more, if you plan on running a blog on Nemo, you can think again. Its blog feed layout simply doesn’t inspire click-throughs and won’t induce a high numbers of page views.what wp theme is that

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