Inkas is a clean and crisp & youthful and fresh wordpress theme free website templates for wordpress

Inkas is a clean and crisp, youthful and fresh-faced, simple and cool, wonderfully responsive WordPress personal blog and vCard website theme. Inkas has been developed by a dedicated team of coders and designers looking to produce a minimalist, charming and engaging visual experience for end-users combined with an intuitive platform for webmasters to chronicle the goings-on of their lives to a worldwide massive online audience, or for professional webmasters looking to spread their resume or professional vCard to a broad base of potential customers or employers.

Inkas features powerhouse plugins like the Redux Framework and the Amazing GreenSock Engine, which combine to provide Inkas with a limitless array of homepage designs and templates that you can literally turn inside out at your leisure. 8 different post layouts invite your readers to enjoy your content while making brilliant use of your screen real estate; Inkas has been polished in terms of space utilization to the utmost degree. Additionally, 7 Blog Loops, 2 page layouts, 5 breath-taking sliders and 3 different headers and menus make Inkas an incredibly diverse experience that can match the tone of any blog or vCard personal website. Social media sharing has been readily integrated as well. Try Inkas today!free website templates for wordpress

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