The Idylle theme combines visuals and fun elements theme free website wordpress

The Idylle theme combines visuals and fun elements, using a responsive layout and a music player for getting people excited right off the bat. Choose from three demos, each of which have slightly different designs. The menu is consolidated under one button, unless a user clicks to reveal the entire thing. The header covers the entire page, and it has a parallax effect to show off some creativity. The middle of the header is where you punch in the wedding date and names of the people getting married. You can include a countdown timer to the wedding date, along with details on where the wedding is taking place. It’s recommended to insert a proposal story in one of the modules, while the RSVP row has some interesting effects for collecting names of folks who plan on attending. You’ll also notice that rose peddles are scattered throughout the theme, almost looking as if they are being scattered from above.

Take photos throughout the wedding process, and display them in a beautiful gallery. Bridesmaids and groomsmen get their own modules as well, with pictures, titles and descriptions. The blog is always fun for talking about your story and explaining what you expect to happen in the future. You can even link to the multiple stores you plan on having your registry through. In short, the Idylle WordPress theme is a one page layout, so your guests don’t have to jump around all over a big website. This is an advantage for keeping things simple, and to cut down on the amount of time spent on developing the site. After all, you have plenty of other tasks to worry website wordpress

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