GoExplore is a modern and simple WordPress theme wp wordpress theme news

GoExplore is a modern and simple WordPress travel theme. It welcomes visitors with a full-width background image, and just right below it, are widgets where you can promote different locations. The full-width background image is seamlessly connected to the header, which contains navigational links for additional information and a search bar. Further down, you can see various sections that you can put, such as other destinations to promote, perhaps even a search section, a slider for more promotion, and blog articles. The footer, as with a lot of modern sites, contains links to technical information.

GoExplore is perfect for those who earn a living from people who travel, perhaps by operating as a travel agency or just a site that would like to provide additional information about different locations for travelers. It seems perfect for a commercial site. Overall, GoExplore gives that commercial yet approachable vibe, which could suit a travel agency.wp wordpress theme news

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