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Fashion makes no bones about its intended use – what you see is what you get.

Fortunately, what you see is an attractive yet understated theme; a ‘little black dress’ of the web design world.

Of course, not everyone wants to wear a little black dress; many in the fashion world crave something a little more colorful. And one criticism that could be fairly aimed at Fashion Blog is its plainness. The structure of the blog is largely traditional, with a simple header followed by a full-width slider and a two column design. The main font is PT Sans, which some might consider ‘so last season’ (if you’ll excuse the pun).

Its simplicity aside, Fashion Blog is a solid theme, well suited for devices of every shape and size, and complete with multiple page layouts and a ‘fully-loaded’ options panel. premium wordpress blog themes

There’s a fine line between plain and pretty, so with best wordpress theme, it’s ultimately down to your personal opinion.

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