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Explicit is a WordPress theme that is dedicated to quality and accessibility. Be sure to check out its live preview, and the screenshots that are available on the theme page. Explicit has an Ajax-Powered Mega Menu, along with category colors and icons. Using these features, users may create several sub-sections on their main page. A Touch/Swipe Masterslider was also included. This guarantees that there will be no compatibility issues, as your sliders are fully responsive. Given the popularity of mobile platforms, touchscreen integration is a valuable asset.

Infinite loaders are available for both blog and grid layouts. In order to reduce server load, Explicit has an Ajax Sorting & Paging feature. Both the user and editor have the ability to rate content using 4 enticing rating styles. All posts will be eligible for reviews. There is an unlimited number of criteria with the selective rating system, and the reviews can be disabled entirely. Admins can enjoy the massive billboard layouts which can scale to any screen or select standard layouts for posts. Expand the number of available followers via the Social Sharing capabilities, and assess their response using the popularity metrics. Overall, this is a very impressive theme, capable of creating an unforgettable website.premium templates wordpress

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