Bild is a smooth and subtle wordpress theme download free wordpress theme

Bild is a smooth and subtle, polished and professional, visually stunning and very customizable, highly responsive WordPress focused photography website theme. Bild is a unique theme for a unique audience. Equipped with some of the most advanced tools and technologies for handling sophisticated, high resolution image or video content in the most competent manner and with the utmost efficiency, Bild is ideal for professional and amateur photographers, photojournalists, photography aficionados and similar, related usage cases.

Bild has an incredibly committed minimalist aesthetic philosophy that permeates every layout, template page and demo website within this very special theme. Where other themes dedicate themselves to elaborate animations or integrated graphics, Bild ensures it stays out of the way of what truly matters; your beautiful visual works. This spartan approach also makes Bild websites extremely fast-loading and easy on the servers, even during peak traffic conditions, so your works can easily go viral without crashing your server. Mobile friendly and responsive to the core, Bild employs the latest modular Bootstrap design in order to effortlessly welcome users hailing from all devices, platforms and browsers to your visual works, adapting your website and your images in pixel perfect fashion for your every visitor. Try Bild now!download free wordpress theme

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